Specialized in Criminal Law, the Hermes V. Guerrero Advogados operate in all branches of Criminal Law, from the more traditional – crimes against life, honor, sexual dignity, official authority, public administration and justice administration, etc. — through tothe new areas — crimes against intellectual and industrial property, crimes of unfair competition, embezzlement, crimes against the environment, corporate, cybernetic, traffic crimes, etc. With headquarters in Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, services are provided throughout the country.

The firm works in consulting and investigation and court proceedings. In the first case, the office team offers preventive law advice, with legal counsel through oral or written opinions, guiding its customers through legal paths in order to avoid crimes.

In the courts, service is at the first and second instances, at the Small Claims Criminal Court, in at jury trials and in the higher courts. Besides assisting during the fact-finding proceedings, pre-trial procedures, precautionary measures and first instance urgency measures, the firm is able to manage appeals, presenting files for the records and perform oral submissions, filing petitions for writs of habeas corpus, criminal review, and in proceedings originating from tribunals. It should be added that the firm also offers legal counsel in the criminal enforcement phase and in the procedures of investigation of offences.

Likewise, The firm also monitors administrative procedures involving public agencies (Brazilian Central Bank, Securities and Exchange Commission, etc.) and investigation proceedings for Parliamentary inquiries, the Federal Police and the State Civil Police.

Additionally, the firm also provides assistance to victims, whether individuals or corporations, preparing police investigation requests, criminal representation, filing criminal complaints, submitting requests for protective measures and other measures precautionary measures and working with the Public Prosecutor’s Office as prosecution assistant in order to seek the punishment of the offenders and consequent civil indemnity to which the victims have a right.

Emergency Criminal Counsel

Continuous service by mobile phone for urgent criminal measures (flagrante delicto, filing for provisional release, filing petitions for writs of habeas corpus) and assistance for clients during arisen emergencies.

Criminal Counsel

  • Issuing opinions in administrative criminal inquiries (investigations of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Parliamentary Inquiry Committees, investigations by public agencies, such as the Central Bank of Brazil and the Securities Exchange Commission, etc.).
  • Issuing opinions in Policy Inquiries (Civil and Federal Police, Military Police Inquiry).
  • Emit oral and written consultations in order to criminal misconduct.

Monitoring of Criminal Investigations

  • Conducting and intervening in investigations under progression before public authorities.
  • Prior analysis of investigations to guide statements of customers under investigation.
  • Monitoring of statements and hearings before investigating agents.
  • Representing indicted customers before the authorities in order to collaborate with investigations and avoid further measures.

Criminal Law Practice In Court

  • Emergency care (provisional release, habeas corpus, pre-trial searching and apprehension measures, restoration of goods apprehended, etc.).
  • Monitoring of fact finding criminal proceedings at the first instance, including Jury Trial and Small Claims Criminal Court (filing of written defense, request of proof investigations, hearings, interrogation of defendant, etc.).
  • Work in higher instances originated procedures (mayor and other political agent responsibility crimes, crimes committed by public agents under privileged jurisdiction, etc.).
  • Work in appeals courts (appeals to States Justice Courts, Class Civil Appeals, Federal and Electoral Regional Courts and Military Justice Courts).
  • Work in Superior Courts and Federal Supreme Court Perform oral submissions and writing memorials to present in court priorly to trial sessions. Judicial Challenges (Criminal Review, Writ of Mandamus, Habeas Corpus, etc.).
  • Work in Higher Courts (Federal Supreme Court, Higher Court of Justice, Electoral Higher Court and Higher Military Court).
  • Writing of records for filing in courts and oral submissions during trial sessions.
  • Judicial Challenges (Criminal Review, Writ of Mandamus, etc.).

Criminal law practice for victims

  • Preparing police investigations requests and criminal representations and filing with relevant agencies for investigations.
  • Monitoring of police inquiries and other investigation procedures.
  • Representation as prosecution assistant in cases in which the law attributes the Public Prosecution’s Office the exclusive power to propose the criminal suit.
  • Filing private penal measures (criminal complaint) in cases in which the law allows the victim the power to propose a criminal suit (crimes against honor, against industrial property, etc.).
  • Filing for precautionary measures and monitoring investigation in cases of domestic violence crimes (Maria da Penha Law).

Corporate criminal law practice

  • Fixed and customized contracts with companies according to demand providing consultancy services, monitoring investigations and court criminal support (including all other listed services according to the customer’s needs).
  • Recommended for companies working with hazardous activities (mining, building and timber companies, financial institutions, import and export companies, transport companies, hospitals, etc.)


  • Establishing partnerships with other firms in the interior of the State of Minas Gerais and in other states to monitor investigations under the guidance and supervision of our professionals.
  • Providing services in partnership with firms from the interior of the State of Minas Gerais and other states, including monitoring in courts, preparing memorials and performing oral submissions.
  • Monitoring criminal suits, investigations and other legal procedures in partnership with firms specialized in other branches of Law, working jointly, separately or in parallel, in accordance with the interests of the customers as to obtain the best results to each demend.